Your IP: null · Your Status: Unprotected Download uVPN application and connect to the server to protect your device and hide your IP.

One VPN app for everything

Set up with ease, use with one click

uVPN is one click VPN, it's very easy to start using. All you need to unblock websites is to click one button, that's it. You always can get deeper and choose what exact server you want to connect to, you can customize your app and use many options to tune everything up.

Incredible streaming opportunities

uVPN provides the next level of streaming quality, you will never experience any stuttering or buffering. You will be able to watch any content even if regional geoblocking is applied to your country, unblock streaming sites like it's nothing. Check out VPN Features to know more.

Unlimited servers in any location

The fastest VPN speed and unlimited traffic are what distinguish uVPN from many others. uVPN proxy servers are present all around the world, with the perfect connection quality, you will feel like it's just your normal internet connection without any additional software.


I’ve been using 2 vpns before, they were free. Well, I could only read website pages and nothing more, no youtube or streaming. That is why I’ve decided to get a

saency Jun 02, 2021

uVPN smooth run is incredible. My iPhone iOS and Mac are grateful to me for using VPN, easy to install & run.

jackuhi Jun 01, 2021

So it was a strange period in my life, or should I say in my phone’s life. From time to time my iPhone X would open some app I never even knew was installed...

Upuwk Mar 04, 2021

I’m using this VPN for 5 months and I loved it from the very beginning. The devs always polish some features and add new stuff from time to time...

Zedroter Mar 15, 2021

Works fine. The speed is good, I don’t really notice any difference in speed when I disconnect from VPN

Elenam_7006 Feb 28, 2021

I decided to give it a try aaaand it works perfectly for me. I’m using UVPN to watch Netflix. No disconnects or errors.

Lilusya Feb 17, 2021

I've had Uvpn for over a year and it has always functioned 100%. No lags, no disconnections. Netflix US is a joy to watch from here in New Zealand.

Julie Crow Oct 01, 2020

Good big service with many servers for me!! Good discount for 1 year subscription!? I am very satisfied...

kleetytyty Feb 20, 2021

My relationship with uVPN started way back when it was a Chrome extension. Now I’m using it on my phone. Good price and excellent service, no problems for me at all.

add1001001 Feb 28, 2021

UVPN is far far better, it has all features I need, like kill switch, separate streaming tab, IKE v2 protocol that fits perfectly for my iPhone, speed and momentum.

Джамиля🌹🌹🌹 Mar 05, 2021

Frequently Asked Questions

There is everything you want to know about a VPN

How to use VPN?

You have to download VPN and install it to use VPN. Open a newly installed application, choose the server in the location you want to connect to and press the connect VPN button. For example, uVPN is very easy to download and use, the whole setup process takes less than a minute.

What is VPN in iPhone?

VPN in iPhone is a virtual private network, frequently, it is used to hide IP and change it to another, maybe even in another country. By changing IP, a user is getting more anonymity, moreover, the best VPN (like uVPN) encrypts all incoming and outcoming data, so that ISP (internet service provider) and the government won’t know what you are doing online.

How to get a VPN?

It is very easy to get a VPN:

1. Go to website
2. Download best VPN
3. Install uVPN
4. Open VPN and connect to any VPN location