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uVPN for Firefox

Even FireFox browser designed for transparency needs additional help in protecting the information of its regular users. It is at this point that uVPN for FireFox begins to work. We can help Fox with a fast, reliable, secure, and intuitive browser extension.

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Privacy and anonymity have not yet been so reliable

Our strong Firefox VPN extension allows you to establish a public Wi-Fi hotspot internet connection with maximum browser privacy, anonymity and security, so you could connect to any free hotspot. Use uVPN Firefox add-on like a location changer: change or hide IP. It keeps you fully anonymous with our no-log policy.  

Privacy and anonymity have not yet been so reliable

uVPN for Firefox is the best protection for personal data

uVPN Firefox add-on is the best VPN extension when it comes to in-browser protection. It provides safe and private internet access from your browser and grants you the best internet security. VPN proxy extension uses the latest encryption technology, it will highly increase your secure browsing experience.

uVPN for Firefox is the best protection for personal data

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions you might be interested in.

How do I enable VPN for Firefox?

It just takes one-two very simple steps to enable VPN for Firefox:
1. Create a new account with ease, no boring registration routine.
2. Sign up
3. Choose a server and press the big connect button.
From now on you’re not only surfing with real IP hidden but with full in-browser protection.

How to set up a VPN Firefox Addon?

Adding VPN Firefox Addon to your browser is very easy and takes just a few seconds. To set up a VPN Firefox Addon just go to uVPN Mozilla Firefox add-on page and press the Add button to instantly install VPN Firefox extension into your browser.

Can I change location with Firefox VPN extension?

VPN is a known location changer. It is very easy to change location with VPN Firefox extension. To change location with Firefox VPN extension add uVPN Firefox add-on to your browser, connect to another location and voila, the problem is solved.

Does Mozilla Firefox have VPN?

Mozilla Firefox does not have an in-built VPN but you can get one fast and simple. Secure VPN for Firefox by uVPN is ready to go right away. It can hide your IP, protect online identity, change location and provide private internet access. uVPN’s fast VPN proxy master is a reliable and strong VPN with maximum connection security.

What is the best VPN for Firefox?

The best VPN for Firefox should be able to hide your IP address, change real location and unblock websites. Long story short, uVPN is the best VPN for Firefox. The best VPN, like uVPN, will provide you with private internet access and fast VPN connection speed. We strongly recommend using only the best VPN, as it will provide the required level of service. The internet privacy and data security service will be at the top level.

Do I need a VPN in 2022?

For the last few years (especially with a coronavirus quarantine), a VPN became a part of our everyday life. So yes, you need a VPN in 2022, as well as any other person on the Planet. Secure VPN will protect your online identity, hide IP address, and will make sure you are protected from data snoopers and safe from hackers. A good VPN will encrypt your traffic so no one can breach your privacy.