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Unblock Netflix with one click to watch Netflix exclusives, upcoming movies, and all-time classics on US Netflix. Use uVPN special streaming servers and enjoy your free time.

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                    Stream Netflix Unblock Movies and Shows

Why use uVPN to unblock Netflix

Using uVPN for Netflix:

✓ Hide online activity and traffic
✓ No one will know what you’re watching
✓ All data and information are encrypted
✓ Hide your identity from everyone

Not using uVPN for Netflix:

- Your IP will be visible to everyone
- All your visit history can be breached
- ISP will know what exactly you’re watching
- Your ISP can apply bandwidth throttling

Get uVPN right now
Why use uVPN to unblock Netflix

How to unblock US Netflix anywhere

1. Subscribe

1. Subscribe

Choose the best subscription plan that suits you and download VPN app

2. Connect

2. Connect

Connect to the Netflix server in the region with the best Netflix library

3. Enjoy

3. Enjoy

Use your Netflix account to watch Netflix US like never before

Increase your internet streaming speed in one click

In the modern world, everyone knows that most of ISP’s are using internet connection limitation - bandwidth throttling. When you watch Netflix, ISP will slow down your internet speed for their own good.

uVPN will help you to unblock Netflix and throw off the ISP shackles and you will be able to stream Netflix on high speed. Our encryption algorithms will encode all your data and information so ISP will not know what you are doing online and won’t chain your internet connection speed. With the best-in-class servers across the globe, you will get the maximum speed your connection can provide.

Netflix unblock works like a charm with uVPN. It drastically improves your streaming experience: your ISP won’t see what you are doing online, so bandwidth throttling won’t be applied to you. In some cases, you might even see internet speed increase and connection stability improvement.

FAQ: How to use a VPN Netflix unblock

Find the most clever answers for the most common questions right here.

How to unblock Netflix?

Netflix unblock is easy with a VPN unblocker. Choose the best subscription plan for you, open uVPN and connect to a special secure VPN server created to stream Netflix. From now on you can enjoy Netflix exclusives and other best shows.

Can a VPN slow down Netflix streaming?

No, in most situations a VPN will not slow down Netflix streaming, even more, it can increase speed. For example, with uVPN you won’t experience any stuttering and buffering while streaming Netflix.

How to watch US Netflix in UK?

To watch US Netflix in UK all you have to do is download best free VPN and choose a subscription that allows you to watch Netflix US in any country and any time in one click. Connect to the US Netflix VPN streaming server, log in to your Netflix account, relax and watch the best Netflix shows.

Can a VPN secure my internet connection?

Good VPN not only can secure your internet connection but it will increase your device protection and make you anonymous anywhere you go in the online world.

How to unblock Netflix on a school computer?

Step 1: Go to the app store and search for uVPN – Unblock Websites
Step 2: Download Unblock Websites uVPN for FREE on your mobile or desktop.
Step 3: Launch the uVPN app choose Netflix US streaming server and click connect
Step 4: Go to, sign in to Netflix account and start watching the best Netflix library

Is unblocking Netflix illegal?

Unblocking Netflix is not illegal but even more, it will not result in any penalties in any country in the world, with a few exceptions. To unblock Netflix it is better to use a private VPN proxy service, capable to deliver the best Netflix US streaming quality using a high-speed server located in the USA.