Your IP: null · Your Status: Unprotected Download uVPN application and connect to the server to protect your device and hide your IP.

How to start using a VPN for Android

In this tutorial, we will explain how to install and use uVPN for Android to surf the internet freely and have maximum protection.

  1. Download and install VPN
  2. Set up VPN
  3. Connect to VPN server location

Download and install VPN for Android

Search for uVPN in Play Store or go to the download page.

Search for a VPN for Android

Tap on Install to get uVPN on your Android phone.

Install VPN for Android

Wait for full download and installation.

How to set up VPN for Android

After installation, tap OPEN or find uVPN in your list of apps and tap it.

Open VPN for Android

If you are a new user, get your free trial period by pressing START WITH A 7-DAY FREE TRIAL. In case you already have an account, press SING IN at the very bottom.

Star a free VPN

Before starting your free trial, you have to choose a subscription plan and tap SUBSCRIBE NOW to confirm your purchase. You won’t be charged while a trial period is active.

VPN subscription plan

Note that a free trial period is not included with a weekly subscription.

Additionally, you can always use uVPN for free with 2 locations available.

That’s it, now you can use uVPN for whatever reason you want.

How to connect to a VPN server on Android

To connect to a location with a VPN for Android, just tap the big connect button. You will be connected to the latest VPN server you were using previously.

Connect to a VPN on Android

The notification will appear with a connection request, tap OK.

VPN connection request on Android

The connection process will begin and, once you see the Status change from Not connected to Connected, you are free to surf the internet freely with maximum security and anonymity.

As well, you can manually choose a VPN server location – just tap the Selected location bar at the top.

Choose VPN server location on Android

A list with available servers and locations will pop up. Select any server or streaming platform you need in the list and uVPN will automatically connect (tip: use a search bar at the top to navigate faster).

Android VPN server list

To disconnect a VPN connection, tap the big red button. Status will be updated from Connected to Not connected.

How to disconnect VPN on Android

Well done! Now your device is protected with VPN for Android and all worldwide content is open for you!

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