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uVPN for iOS: release updates

All the new and latest releases of uVPN for iOS. Each new update is packed with bug fixes, new features and functionality, design and appearance improvements, better performance. It’s all made for you – don’t delay your update.

uVPN 2.1.7

We are expanding our presence in more countries for iPhone iOS users. Huge news for all Arabic and Russian speakers – from now on uVPN supports 2 new languages – Arabian and Russian have been added to already existed English version. Enjoy a secure VPN even more with your native language.

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Multilanguage implemented

uVPN 2.1.3

A huge update with a ton of changes is waiting for you: bugs fixed, improvements added, performance increased. Update your application in the nearest stores!

  • Fixed internet connection drops when uVPN was manually disabled
  • Fixed app pages not loading at different conditions
  • Fixed application not fully loaded with a high internet drop rate
  • Fixed incorrect subscription name in some conditions
  • Fixed server list animation stuttering
  • Fixed connection protocol failures
  • Fixed manage subscription errors
  • Fixed account creation minor bugs
  • Fixed uncommon subscription cancellation bug
  • Improved password reset method
  • Improved device manager
  • In-app notifications updated
  • New redesigned ticket submission form
  • My profile minor fixes
  • Interface improvements
  • Improved social accounts log in method
  • Increased flow performance

uVPN 2.1.0

  • “My subscription” section upgraded
  • Now you can add/remove social profiles
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

uVPN 2.0.0 – good old new VPN app for iPhone

Finally, it is your favorite and beloved application with a major update. Do not hesitate – update right now to the newest uVPN version 2.0.0!

  • New UX/UI design
  • Mandatory registration removed
  • Application speed improvements
  • Major protection improvement